Why Do People Think It’s Funny When Megacorporations Get Hacked?

The news was tailor made to dominate the media: Sony had been hacked, deeply, by a group calling themselves ‘Guardians of Peace’, possibly a squad of North Koreans. Social security numbers, bank records, unreleased movies, company wages, and embarrassing Power Points all spilled out of what was quickly labeled ​the biggest corporate hack in history.

So this week on Radio Motherboard, we talked about it. A lot. We dish on the ins and outs of the hack, the ethics of digital thievery, and why we delight when behemoth companies like Sony get hit but get outraged when individuals get compromised, and why we feel entitled to just about anything that’s stored online.

We also talk about Star Wars, Spotify, and the future of online culture, for good measure. Enjoy.