iPhones, Free Money, and Hacking Team

If you’ve been listening to Radio Motherboard the last few months, thank you very much: It’s been a bit of a roller coaster as we try to figure out a format and recording setup that works best for us, and it’s been a blast experimenting.

This week, we’re experimenting again, as we try out a shorter, more segmented format that’s hopefully a bit snappier than some of our more recent episodes. This week, we tackle the iPhone 6S release, talk about whether basic income will ever become a reality, and touch a bit on why reporting on the Hacking Team has been so much fun. We love hearing from our readers and listeners, so tell us if you’re digging the new style or if it’s got you down—we’re available at editor@motherboard.tv and on Twitter @motherboard. We’re also available on iTunes here.