Motherboard Discusses ‘The Martian’ and Why We Killed Comments

Two major, solar system-shaking things happened this week. ‘The Martian’ came out, and we’re all thankful that it ended up being a very good film. And Motherboard killed comments.

These two things aren’t even remotely related, but you’re in luck if your interests include major sci fi motion pictures and the future of media. After announcing we were ending comments, there was a bit of a firestorm online and we just so happened to be recording the podcast as the hot takes came on Twitter. So, for the first 15 minutes or so, we discussed the move with our editor in chief, Derek Mead. Afterwards, we talk about whether it was even possible for Ridley Scott to screw up ‘The Martian,’ and Motherboard editor at large Alex Pasternack talks to Drew Goddard about his screenplay.