eSports, Adderall, and Nootropics

It’s Lit Up week at Motherboard, which means we’re talking about drugs. And what’s more fun than that?

Weekend/gaming editor Emanuel Maiberg and managing editor Adrianne Jeffries pop some Alpha BRAIN and OptiMind to try and perk up the podcast. We drag in Steve Cronin, a self-taught nootropics expert, to talk about the smart drug craze. We also speak to Rod Breslau, an eSports journalist, to find out whether all this hand-wringing over doping at tournaments is really justified.

Show notes:

1:12 – Steve, tell us who you are?

2:25 – Steve tells us about the drugs he brought for us to try.

5:12 – Why are noots so hot right now?

9:38 – Don’t mix your noots.

10:25 – Let’s talk about Adderall, which was recently banned from certain eSports events because it’s been framed as the steroid of the sport.

11:15 – “We were all on Adderall” video referenced is here.

12:30 – Rod Breslau, tell us who you are?

19:12 – “I think that it has happened and I believe that it could still happen which is why it’s necessary for this, these guidelines to come into place, but I also don’t think it’s as widespread as there would be gigantic names to fall if there were testing done retroactively… though I really do not want to eat those words.”

23:05 – Ramping up that APM, actions per minute.

30:00 – eSports players sometimes sit for up to six hours. Endurance is key.

34:10 – Back to the studio! So, where is the line for drugs that enhance performance and, like, Red Bull and energy drinks, which are big sponsors of eSports events?

37:00 – Steve talks about his experience with Lyme disease.

42:00 – There are disadvantages to self-experimentation. Exhibit A: Noopept.

46:10 – Research on nootropics is scarce. Why don’t nootropics companies pay for more studies into this stuff?

49:12 – What’s the deal with the butter in the coffee?

50:01 – That’s it! Thanks for listening, and see you next week.