Monthly Archives: November 2016

Trump’s Powers

Motherboard’s writers, editors, and contributors have spent the last week talking to activists, researchers, and policy makers about the powers that Donald Trump will inherit when he takes power in January. There’s little sense in speculating about what Trump will do when he takes office, but it’s important to understand the powers he will have to affect things like climate change, energy policy, surveillance, cybersecurity, and the other things Motherboard holds dear.

Credits for this episode:

Host/producer: Jason Koebler
Editor: Tim Barnes
Space/NASA: Becky Ferreira
Border, immigration, and drug trafficking: Brian Anderson
Trade: Nicholas Deleon
Energy and Climate: Sarah Emerson
Vaping: Kaleigh Rogers
Health: Ankita Rao
Hacking and Cybersecurity: Lorenzo FB
Privacy: Joseph Cox
Drones: Ben Sullivan
Net Neutrality: Sam Gustin
Also: Derek Mead


‘Black Mirror:’ Season 3 Episodes 1-3

We’ve always sort of called Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror” the Motherboard show, because while we love tech, we’re probably a bit more wary of its ability to lean dystopian than your average tech publication. So this week and next, we’re going to be talking about the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix.

Today, we’re going to be talking about what the first three episodes—”Nosedive,” “Playtest,” and “Shut Up and Dance” say about our culture. Next week, we’ll be back talking about the end of the season—”San Junipero,” “Men Against Fire,” and “Hated in the Nation.” This week’s episode has spoilers for the first three episodes and some light discussion of the first season episode “Fifteen Million Merits.”